Division of Machine Inc., Oplite Technologies, AS9100-Certified Aviation Manufacturer of LED Cockpit Lighting, Releases New Product

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Stoughton, MA (February 28, 2017)

Oplite Technologies, a division of Machine Incorporated, designs and manufactures FAA-PMA-compliant LED lighting products for installation in Cessna aircraft interiors, cabins, and cockpits. It is pleased to announce the launch of the new Tasklight 600 series, a precision LED fixture with dimming capability.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., the Tasklight 600 series is designed to meet the precise illumination and color needs of the aviation industry, among other specialty industries. This precision LED fixture can be used for diverse applications in varying markets, including, but not limited to: internal submarine lights, personnel carriers for the military, boat cockpit illumination, or off-road vehicle customization. The newest addition to Oplite’s class-leading lineup of LED lighting solutions, the Tasklight 6 series features a built-in dimmer with on/off switch, and operates with input voltages ranging from 10v to 28v—compatible with 14v and 28v systems. The sturdy housing is CNC-machined from a solid 6061-T6 aluminum and finished in black Mil-Spec anodizing (and Mil-Spec wiring) for exceptional durability, and shock and vibration resistance. To meet the needs of aerospace standards on interior lighting, the Tasklight comes in six LED color combinations, including single, dual, and dimmable configurations. Color options include white, red, green, and blue. The Tasklight is available with all six LEDs of choice operating simultaneously, or three white LEDs and three LEDs of choice operating independently of the other color.

Richard Mileika, President of Machine Inc., said, “A product of our expert engineering—and with adherence to AS9100 certification—this superior quality LED task light enables us to provide the best lighting solutions for the aviation industry. The Tasklight 600 series is color accurate and precise—perfect for tasks that require attention to intricate detail. All of our aviation-quality lighting offers ease of use, precision, and longevity.”

For more information on the Tasklight 600 series, click here.

About Oplite Technologies
Oplite Technologies manufactures superior quality LED precision lighting for aircraft interior lighting. Its products are FAA-PMA certified for Cessna installation. Oplite LED aviation lights are made in the United States, and can be purchased worldwide through its distribution network. Its aviation-quality precision lighting products are available in “Certified FMA-PMA” and “Experimental” versions. All of its LED map lights and gooseneck lights are precision CNC-machined with LED components encapsulated in epoxy compound. Oplite is an AS9100/FAA-PMA-approved contract manufacturing facility equipped to deliver products to customer specifications. Its precision lighting conforms to Mil-Spec wiring, Mil-Spec anodizing, and is quality tested. Oplite Technologies is a division of Machine Incorporated.

About Machine Inc.
Machine Incorporated is an established, highly reliable CNC machining source and AS9100/FAA-PMA-approved contract manufacturing facility—a preeminent supplier, dependable in both product and customer service. With a common-sense approach to business and defined, stable processes in place, Machine Inc. maintains a high standard of quality, consistency, and cost effectiveness. With precisely calibrated equipment and adherence to strict manufacturing, verification, and lot-control documentation standards, Machine Inc. ensures parts are flawless, produced on time, and meet precise specifications and requirements. By employing lean practices and Kanban systems, it is also one of the few firms in its industry to use cloud-based inventory management for optimizing and automating clients’ inventory control processes. Vigilant process management allows Machine Inc. to anticipate customer needs and provide streamlined, proactive results consistently.